Operational & Executive Finished Projects

  1. Performance of executive operations for Tavazon (Balancing) project including installation of the B.F. No. 3, sinter machine No. 4, coke making battery No. 3, the new thermal power plant.
  2. The revamping of battery No. 1.
  3. Construction of the second wagon tilter for sinter plant raw materials warehouse.
  4. Installation of reservation bunkers for sinter of the blast furnace section.
  5. The modification of design for B.F. No. 2 blast air system.
  6. Designing & MFG of materials transfer project from the plant’s Northern storage to raw materials warehouse.
  7. Installation & commissioning of Saba steel complex.
  8. Optimization of capacity increase of boiler No. 2 of the central power station.
  9. Installation & MFG of boilers No. 5 & 6 of the central power station.
  10. Installation & startup of Mannesman Demag Oxygen compressor in the oxygen plant.
  11. Construction of the new Oxygen plant.
  12. Designing & MFG of Direct Reduction Unit (Ghaem Plant).
  13. Reconstruction & development of the plant power substations in Electricity Procurement & Distribution Management.
  14. Upgrading & automation improvement in the communications & automation Dept.
  15. Designing & MFG of degasing station of molten steel in steelmaking section.
  16. Implementation of desulphurization of cast iron in mixer workshop of steelmaking section.
  17. Designing & installation of Oxygen consolidation station.
  18. Implementation of expansion project in the sulfuric acid section of coke oven plant.
  19. Renovation of coke oven plant quenching tower No. 1
  20. Construction operation of quenching tower No. 4 in coke making plant unit 2.
  21. Installat