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NumberSubjectThe deadline for receiving documents
9700409R2Extension NO.1-International Tender No. 9700409 Purchasing 500 ton nozzle well filler for steel ladle2018-09-18
9701954R5Extension of International Two-stage Enquiry no. 97019542018-09-15
9700409R1Two-Stage International Tender No. 9700409 ُ subject of purchase 500 ton nozzle well filler for steel ladle2018-09-11
9700407R1purchase 17,000 pcs tundish nozzle 14.5 and 15 mm2018-09-07
9701354R3Extension of Tender No. 97013542018-08-28
9701354R2Extension of Tender No. 97013542018-08-24
9701354R1One-Stage International tender for 50 MT Magnesium Granules (Mg 97)2018-08-13
9700089R6Extension NO.1-International Tender No. 9700089R5-Purchasing 3 items of Corundum blocks (N-2, N-5 and N-6)2018-08-10
9700089R5Purchasing 3 Items of Corundum Blocks (N2,N5,N6)2018-08-05
9700452R3One-Stage International tender for 24MT Ferro Chrome Low Carbon- No.97004522018-07-28
9700089R4ٍExtension No.1- International Tender No.9700089,Purchasing 3 items of Corundum blocks (N2,N5&N6)2018-07-16
9700089R3Amendment No.2 (International Tender No.9700089 purchsing 3 items if Corundum Block N2,N5,N6)2018-07-08
9700089R2Amendment No.1 -International Tender No.9700089 Subject of Purchasing 3 items of Fused Cast Corundum Block.2018-07-08
9700089R1Purchase 3 items of Corundum Blocks (N-2,N-5 and N6)2018-06-19
9700573R1One-StageInternational Tenderfor 10,000MTFerro Manganese- No.97005732018-06-14
9602726R1Documents List of Two-Stage International Tender No.96027262018-02-12
9602781R1purchasing Graphite Electrode2018-01-10
9602257R1Two-Stage International Tender for 10,000MT FeMnHC2017-12-26