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numbersubjectdeadline for receiving documents
9804560R15 Hole lance tip2020-05-16
9702881R54 set wheel gear for locomotive2020-02-08
9702881R44 Set Wheel Gear2020-01-13
9701954R1Purchase 15 items of graphite blocks and 1 item of carbon mix2018-08-31
9701954R2Amendment to International Two-stage Enquiry no. 9701954(purchasing 15 items of graphite block and 1 item of carbon mix)2018-08-31
9603714R5Amendment No.1 of Purchasing equipment for waste water treatment2018-03-06
9603714R4ٍExtenstion No.1 of Purchasing Equipment of Biological Waste Water Treatment2018-03-06
9603714R3َAmendment of Purchasing equipment for waste water treatment2018-02-24
9603714R2Designing & Purchasingg equipment of Biological waste water treatment2018-02-24
9501511R1purchase 2 items of Diabase Materials2017-02-04
95-25Auction Sale of 45000Mt Nut Coke2016-12-22
9503129R2Amendment of International Enquiry No. 9503129R1 subject of purchasing 80 pcs Ladle shroud2016-08-23
9503129R1Ladle Shroud2016-08-23
9406491R1International Enquiry No. 9406491(purchase 20,000 kg Insulating Tundish Powder (Carbon Steel))2016-07-30
9407062R1List of the Documents of Two-stage Enquiry for 6,000 MT high carbon Ferro–manganese2016-02-22